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Currently working in Occupational Medicine mainly (but not exclusively) for the Oil & Gas Industry. :-

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University Tutor Photo (2008)
University Tutor Photograph (taken 2008)


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Dr. Michael D. Speight
Dive Medics Ltd
Registered Office Address is
c/o RMT Accountants & Business Advisors Ltd
Gosforth Park Avenue
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE12 8EG
Tel: +44-(0)-1642 756336



I spent time working in the USA carrying out research into the field of Computational Neurobiology at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Caltech is one of the most prestigious private universities on the West Coast of the United States and rivals the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the East Coast.


MRC Clinical Training Fellowship in Medical Imaging (MRI) carried out at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (RPMS) in London. This work was carried out within the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit and involved both computer programming and clinical imaging work.

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