Dive Medics/TWI: Hyperbaric Chamber

Sadly this facility has now been closed as TWI has concentrated its efforts on "core business activities" during the present economic downturn.

At TWI North we had a Recompression Chamber (Hyperbaric Chamber) from 2001-2008 for providing treatment by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). We were registered by the Healthcare Commission as a Class 2 Recompression Chamber able to treat any conditions known to benefit from Oxygen at high pressures (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Most of our work was treating divers with Decompression Illness (DCI or “The Bends” as it is commonly known). We have created a “Patient Information Leaflet” telling people what to expect which you are welcome to look at.

Main Activities

Photos of the Hyperbaric Facility

Built-In Breathing Systems (BIBS)

When you get treated in the Recompression Chamber we have to supply you with 100% Oxygen. As the chamber itself is pressurised with normal air (which contains both Nitrogen and Oxygen gases), we do this via a Face Mask (these are called BIBS Masks) which supplies you with 100% Oxygen.

Decompression Illness is caused by Nitrogen Bubbles (which we are trying to get rid of), if you breathe 100% Oxygen (under pressure) we will get rid of these troublesome Nitrogen Bubbles far quicker.

Contact Details

TWI North Hyperbaric Facility
Aurora Court
Barton Road
Riverside Industrial Estate
Tel. (01642) 210512
Fax. (01642) 252218
Emergencies: (07850) 265264
E-Mail: twinorth@twi.co.uk


The Hyperbaric Chamber was based at TWI North. TWI is a long established company involved in the Commercial Diving Industry (especially Undersea Welding and Welding Inspection both Training and Assessment).

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