Redscar Divers (Redcar, UK)

Redcar is on the northern edge of the Yorkshire coast just to the East of Middlesbrough and on the western verge of some of the nicest coastal scenery in the North East of England.

Who (are we)?

A branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). We are a small but friendly club regularly carrying out shore diving along the North-East coast. Boat diving is carried out via commercial carriers.

Where (do we meet)?

We dive virtually every weekend year round either in the North Sea, or inland at Ellerton Park near Scorton (just outside Catterick). We are not involved in training new divers, for this contact Cleveland Divers who meet in Saltburn on a Monday night. We do not carry out any pool training but are happy to assist newly qualified divers to extend their skills in open water sessions.

When (do we meet)?

Socially (weekly), Diving (whenever weather permits), Training (any time).

Who are we (and what do we want)?

We are a small band of established divers who dive in UK waters "year round". We are keen to recruit new members who are already qualified divers who want to be members of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) but don't want to pay inflated branch fees.

Redcar Rocks.



Information last updated 4th July 2015